It’s always exciting to hear a new store is opening in Hull but getting an email to let me know that this one was going to rival other discount supermarkets took me to ANOTHER LEVEL. Yes, call me sad, but I’m a single mum of two and if you’ve read my blog for a while, I’m all about saving on the boring bits so I can splash out on the fun stuff. Life is about balance and it seems Jack’s has the same ethos too!

JAck's supermarket, Hollie and Ted stood outside

Part of the Tesco family

On entry into Jack’s, the store felt very familiar. With branding and signage similar to Tesco but the layout of an Aldi or Lidl store, it was like walking into a genius hybrid of them all. This was especially when I noticed the prices!

Jack’s say they love the flavours of Britain and are passionate about working with and supporting hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers.  That’s why, 100% of their fresh chicken, fresh lamb and fresh beef are British all year round, and 100% of their fresh milk is British too. All of which gets my vote!

Fresh veg or fast food?

Often we hear the complaints from families that its cheaper to eat takeaway or fast food rather than cook from fresh but Jack’s seems to have the perfect balance.

Every two weeks, you can get fruit and vegetables as part of the Fresh Five deals.

This launch week includes:

  • Jack’s spring onions 29p
  • Jack’s conference pears 29p each
  • Jack’s chestnut mushrooms 69p
  • Jack’s courgettes 69p
  • Jack’s apples 69p

But equally there are some amazing deals suitable for weekend treat nights too! All the below in the picture comes to £10!! For the three of us this has last all weekend and still have some bits leftover. It was complemented really nicely with a fresh salad and this not only ensures we get our five a day still, but helps to bulk meals out on a budget.

I can confirm that these pizzas and sides taste as good as the takeaway delivery version that the packaging bears a resemblance of 😉 The quality is excellent and so filling and honestly waaaaay cheaper than getting a Dominoes – there I said it haha!

WIGIG (When it’s gone, it’s gone)

Of course, these days a discount supermarket needs a middle aisle to challenge the other players on the retail parks. Jack’s supermarket have their own take on this with their WIGIG specials and this stands for ‘when it’s gone it’s gone’.

The items I was absolutely loving the look of was the Lay-Z-Spa for only £299, ice-cream maker for £20 and gorgeous carnival-style popcorn maker for £20 too. I started to think about what an amazing garden party set-up we could create with these bargains! They would be really perfect to see us through the summer holidays and not just for the kids!

Jack’s BBQ bundle suggestion would be an amazing addition to all these WIGIG buys. At less than £20 you can feed all the family and their friends! All the meat and veg looked super fresh and I just can’t get over the price and quality combo!

Store near me

If you’re not based in Hull, this is one of 13 Jack’s supermarkets so you can find your nearest store here.