If you are brainstorming about places you would like to travel to for your summer holidays, Portugal is a European country that you should seriously consider. Why? Because it is a beautifully aesthetic place with sunny weather, full of culture and art that will make you wish you could stay there forever.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the city that receives the most tourists, but it is not the only one that deserves so much love. Albufeira is a coastal city in the southernmost part of Portugal. Thankfully, it has recently risen in popularity as a travel destination. This entails that people find fun ways to spend their time there and this is why they keep going back. You should know that you will need a car to get around the city. Opting for a car hire with Enjoy Travel ensures that you will save time and money since their prices are unbeatable. But what are the four things you absolutely must do in Albufeira?

Activity 1: Swim in a Blue Flag Beach

As mentioned above, Albufeira is a coastal city, meaning that a beautiful beach is always close by. What is even better is the fact that there are over 20 beaches in the area which have been awarded the Blue Flag status. What does that mean? It means that authorities succeed in following and reinforcing environmental standards for the protection and safety of those beaches. If you visit such a beach – and all kinds of natural landscapes for that matter – you should be respectful and not cause any harm to the natural habitat.

Activity 2: Kayaking

What is kayaking? It is a popular water sport. Typically two people get in the same watercraft and use a paddle to propel it. No experience is usually required as it is easy to get the hang of it. Why should you go kayaking in Albufeira? Because seas are usually calm, and there are many rock formations and caves which you can find and explore while kayaking.

Activity 3: Snorkelling

Another summery activity that you should not miss for the world in Albufeira is snorkelling. The coast of Albufeira meets the Atlantic Ocean. This entails that by snorkelling there, you get to see all the marine species that inhabit the Atlantic. Even if you have never tried snorkelling before, there are water sports facilities that teach you all you need to know and organise snorkelling trips, so you have nothing to worry about. Additionally, you can either use your own snorkelling equipment or rent some for the day.

Activity 4: A Wild Adventure

Besides all the cool ways you can spend your time on the many beaches, summer is the perfect time to have an adventure in the wilderness. You and your friends can hire jeeps and explore inland. You can even visit the Santa Eulália neighbourhood of Albufeira where you will find high ropes hanging from trees which people can use in order to test their strength in tree climbing.