Travelling is a unique experience that everyone would love to be able to have many times every year, but this is not possible for most people. Work and family responsibilities do not leave enough time and energy for travel arrangements to be made. Not to mention the great financial burden that it might pose on individuals, and this is why they prioritise savings over this type of pleasure.

However, travelling is an investment in a person’s both mental and emotional improvement. This is why almost everyone raves about going away when summer or winter break comes. Travelling even at least once a year can be beneficial.

What time of the year should you travel? As you can tell from the title of this article, I am are going to present reasons why you should travel in winter.

Reason 1:  Save yourself from the dangers of the sun

In winter, the sun is usually hidden behind clouds. Although people should wear sunscreen all year round and they should never try to look at the sun directly, the probability of getting a sunburn, a heat stroke or even a more serious illness such as skin cancer or vision loss are low in winter. Thus, you can enjoy your time outside without worrying that you might be hurting yourself in the process. Additionally, you will have a better time learning about a new place without feeling like you are melting, which makes it hard to enjoy anything.

Reason 2: Visit a ski resort

Whether you like winter holidays and skiing or not, everyone is bound to have a great time at a ski resort. Of course, you can try to hit the slopes with or without the help of an instructor. However, the possibilities do not end there. All ski resorts offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities so that everyone can have fun. It is no accident that the term après-ski, meaning the activities skiers can do after a long day of skiing, is so popular in the skiing community. Book your ski holidays with Nuco Travel in any European ski resort and you will be able to take full advantage of your time there. Doing winter sports, playing games in the snow, admiring the mighty mountains, spending time at excellent wellness and fitness centres, exploring picturesque mountainous villages are just a few of the awesome possibilities all ski resorts offer.

Reason 3: Winter sports are better

When we are talking about summer, swimming is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, it is very fun and there are some swimming-related activities, like scuba diving or sailing, that are equally intriguing and exciting. However, you should get into swimming and be confident in your skills before you experiment with extreme summer sports. On the contrary, when it comes to winter sports, like ice skating, skiing or snowshoeing, the norm is that people are novices and they try these activities for the first time. We should clarify that winter sports include a wide variety of outdoor activities like snowmobiling and sledding, and not just skiing and snowboarding.