When it comes to buying new school uniform, often smart school shoes can be one of the most expensive items to buy. That’s why I was excited to see the highstreet retailer Schuh` has a recycle scheme that will save you money!

For every pair of unwanted shoes or trainers, no matter what the condition, Schuh will give you a £5 voucher towards your next purchase of new shoes over £25.


So James and Ted dug out a pair each of too small, extremely knackered (and probably a bit stinky) trainers to test out Schuh’s claim.

The black pair on the left were literally falling apart, you can see the edging off around the ankle hanging down!

We entered the shop, slightly embarrassed by their choices but I thought, if this works, better the money in my pocket and the shoes getting used for something useful than them just going in the bin.

James and Ted were guided to the children’s section by a really lovely assistant who happily gave their feet a measure and typically they have grown more than a size since before the summer holidays! She then asked what we were looking for? “All black, velcro and more like trainers than shoes please” She knew just the range for us and showed us.

The assistant also mentioned that we could get £5 off a bag but that wasn’t something we needed at the moment.

Investing in leather

The boys both tried on their new shoes whilst I checked out the excellent reviews they had. Them being leather will make them last longer and avoid too much sweating inside the shoe. Hopefully, they will look less scuffed as we can keep on top of polishing the leather too.

We headed to the checkout with the assistant and then I geared up to ask if our recycled trainers were “good enough”. I won’t lie, I was cringing! but she said they were absolutely fine and we could even do it all in one transaction and get £10 off the two pairs of new school shoes.

Grand total

At £28 a pair, this brought them down to a more reasonable £23 a pair and felt less painful to my purse! I was very happy with the service, we were in and out within 15 mins and got exactly what we needed at a cheaper price. I thought selling my sole would be far more complex but it was easy as pie and I highly recommend.