Last year I got on a mission to make my home a smart home using a combination of Black Friday deals all with the aim of saving money and it’s done just that!

In the future, homes will be more high-tech than ever before. From the way you decorate your home to the convenience of your living space, technology will be there to make life easier for you. So I wanted to write about some technologies that are making their debut in luxury homes and how they can improve your lifestyle, comfort levels and save you money in your home!

Secure Windows and Doors

In the future, it will be more challenging to break into a home. Until now, the design in many homes has its windows and doors that are easy for burglars to open, which is why new homes are making them as secure as possible. With changes in technology, new homes have windows and doors that close on their own or have a sensor that detects when someone has entered the house. These are simple to instal and you can buy each one at a time so you don’t have to spend lots in one go.

Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems can be a great way to keep your home warm during the winter. Radiant heat creates warmth by running pipes under a heated floor and using infrared technology to create luxurious warmth throughout the house. In addition, they work with the insulation principle for an efficient and energy-saving system that provides more comfort than many other popular methods of keeping homes warm.

Smart Lighting

In the future, homes’ designs will have smart lighting that can adjust to different needs in a room. Intelligent lights come with motion sensors and LEDs, which allow you to change your mood by just flipping on a light switch or adjusting these settings remotely through an app on your phone! 

Since they use less energy than other types of bulbs, the long-term benefits are enormous. LED ceiling lights are another technology that will be making their debut in luxury homes. These lights have the advantage of being energy-efficient and last longer than their fluorescent counterparts, but they also offer a softer light that can create a calming ambiance!

I’ve installed these into most of my light fittings and its another great source of deterrent for burglars, as when I’m out I can use the app on my smart phone to switch lights, TVs and music on in my absence and it makes my home look occupied.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Many people spend most of their time in a kitchen, so having intelligent appliances in your home can be beneficial. For example, smart ovens and microwaves will let you know when food has finished cooking or how long it needs to stay for perfect results! And with intelligent coffee makers, you’ll never have to guess again. They will tell you how much coffee is required, the strength and temperature of your drink. Not a money saver unless you have a take out coffee addiction that you can maintain at home instead. 

Bathroom Digital Shower Interfaces

Digital showers are becoming more and more common in luxury homes. They allow you to set the temperature, time of water flow for a showerhead, as well as many other features that you can control through an app on your phone. As a result, it makes it easier than ever before to get ready without worrying about adjusting settings or forgetting the last used setting. Great if you have kids who are likely to pump up the temperature without you realising!

Split-system A/C

A new trend in luxury homes is to offer split-system air conditioning. This system divides the house into two sections that can be cooled separately at night or when one side of the home needs more heating than cooling. With this, you will always have adequate temperature control, and your power bills will be lower, thus saving money.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many technologies that will be making an appearance in luxury homes in the next few years. From security measures to more effortless living, there is something for everyone and the best thing if you can add most of these to your existing home and in turn add value to your home.