Every year highstreet stores hold some big sales on the run up to Christmas to help parents save money on present buying.

Some of the sales are percentages off, half price or three for two so will make a big difference to how far you can stretch your gift budget.

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The best sales tend to be the ones a little earlier; around the end of September or beginning of October as shops get the opportunity to feel the appetite for shopping this year.

So here’s my well-informed prediction for sale dates to add to your calendar:

Asda – Monday 13th September

The Asda sale is a firm favourite in the Thrifty Household with toys cut down to half price!

Smyths – Tuesday 21st September

You can expect three sales, one a month from September will see you through your toy shopping run-up to Christmas. Look out for vouchers and sale codes onlilne and in junkmail through your front door.

Morrisons – Monday 11th October

Morrisons have two sales a year for toys; one will be around this time and another closer to Christmas, normally in November. The shelves clear quickly though so you need to be there for opening time.

Sainsbury’s – Wednesday 13th October

Again another half-price sale on offer at Sainsbury’s and is brilliant, especially for LEGO bargains.

Aldi – Sunday 24th October (online) & Thursday 28th October (instore)

Down in the middle aisle, you’ll find lots of toys and gift ideas as part of Aldi’s SpecialBuys.

Argos – Wednesday 27th October

Argo’s sales in the past have been somewhat controversial with many questioning whether the sale prices are actually cheaper than buying each item in the three-for-two offer.

Tesco – Wednesday 1st December

Tesco holds two toy sales each year, one in time for Easter and one in the autumn ready for Christmas.