Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue PubThis week we were invited to visit newly refurbished The Avenue pub in Hull. We were there to check out their extensive menu and try our odds on their cash prize pub quiz. It was the perfect ThriftyDateNight for us! We love good food (nothing too fancy or pretentious), value for money, plus the opportunity to win cash! Most pubs only offer a prize of drinks tokens to be used in the same venue so this was even better incentive to get quizzical.

The Avenue pub is located on Chanterlands Avenue in Hull, just a short walk away from the KC Stadium. The location is why it is the perfect pre-match tea time spot. I’ve been to The Avenue on a couple of occasions a very long time ago before walking around Hull Fair or to see The Tigers play. Even though I must have driven past this pub a million times, it was only this week I noticed it even has a car park!

Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

On arrival we were met with a nice smile and warm welcome by the bar staff who invited us to find a seat. I personally love a date night in a booth. I’m a huge fan of American diners and there’s something a bit more intimate about sitting in our own little booth for dinner and drinks.

I adored the slightly Scandi decor with the grey furnishings and contrasting walls. The lighting was perfect too. Slightly dimmed everywhere (we went about 8pm ish) but then decent low hanging lights over where we would be eating.

Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

The food menu is really tough to choose from, just because everything is such good value! We love eating out but to be able to do it often we have to make sure its affordable.

The Avenue is part of the Sizzling Pub chain so as you can probably imagine, the menu has a big range of sizzling skillet meals to choose from as well as some of the classic menus options such as sausage and mash, curries, fish and chips and a variety of burgers. Lots of these can be found in the two for £8.50 section!

As well as the general menu, there are additional ones for kids, just breakfasts and even a solely vegetarian and vegan menu.  You can read the full menu here. It is also worth noting that if you do have children, The Avenue offers kids meals for just £1 Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm!Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

We ordered at the bar where everything was read back to me to double check our order. However, Sizzling Pubs have their own app where you can order and pay. This means you don’t even have to leave your seat if you don’t want to or would find that easier.

Whilst up though, we were able to purchase our answer sheets for the pub quiz for just £1. It’s not a format I’ve played before. The quiz master asks a number of questions and you have to write the answer into the corresponding circle on the sheet. Once complete you tear off the under side copy and hand it in (for checking). You mark your own work.

The answers are called out in order too. But because your answer circles are laid out in a different order to everyone else (much like a bingo sheet) then it could still be anyone who actually wins as its the first person to get five answers in a row correct (in any direction). Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

The food arrived super quick. We couldn’t believe the size of the portions! We have very much learnt our lessons from this and will not be ordering the same meal again. As tasty as it was, we had nachos to share for a starter and this filled us up before tucking into the main meals! It was a mistake and we will either be popping back in for a light sharer starter OR a main meal next time!

Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

The food was piping hot and full of flavour. You can see from the pictures what I mean about portion size! Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

I was pleased to see that Environmental Health have scored The Avenue with a full 5 out of 5 for food hygiene. And goodness me! Their chef knows how to cook a steak properly!Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue PubAfter our food we set to with the quiz. Rob did a great job as quiz master and keeping us entertained. This was even when we started to feel a little bit (very) thick! After the general knowledge quiz was actual bingo. At only £3 a strip I thought this was really good value. Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

We were also given a raffle ticket each. This entered us in for a chance to play a game similar to Deal or No Deal. I got called up to play!

In the same format as the TV show, I was allowed to pick my box and then was offered money to give up my box. Inside the ‘sealed’ boxes were a selection of prizes. These included, a teabag, breakfast for four people, a bag of crisps, £20 and the top prize of £50. I hadn’t even had any alcohol but had such a giggle playing all the quizzes. Especially Deal or No Deal when I very proudly won £20!

It really made me think. Why would I not choose somewhere for my tea where I could be so well entertained, in comfy surroundings AND have a chance of winning cash too?! Pub quizzes are now going to be an essential part of my meal planning!

On other nights The Avenue have live music on. This is something we’re going to attend next time and maybe a game of pool in the back room as well.

Cash Prize Pub Quiz At The Avenue Pub

So if you’re after a ThriftyDateNight venue then I highly recommend The Avenue for their generosity, warmth and friendliness. We had a really fun night and came away with full pockets as well as full tummies!

Disclosure – our meal was kindly gifted by The Avenue but my review is honest and independent and not influenced by this arrangement.