Do you ever look at your mobile and despair at how many photos you’ve taken, just for them to sit there on your Cloud? Doing nothing with your snaps or worse, pay for extra storage for them to just sit there, isn’t something you want to do. Of course, printing pictures to make photobooks and personalised gifts is great but have you ever thought about doing something with them that could actually save or even make you money?That’s why today we’re talking wall murals.

Wall murals are a fantastic was to bring a room to life by simply decorating one ‘feature wall’ but it doesn’t need to be a lengthy labour of love with a paint brush. I know I haven’t got the time for that! You don’t need too though as there’s a site called¬†Wallsauce¬†who will create wall paper murals direct from your photos! By using wallpaper to create your mural, that is easily removable it means it is perfect if you’re looking to spruce up your home ready to sell.

So how can a mural make you money?

If you own a business with customer facing premises a stunning wall mural could boost revenue. Studies show that certain colours attract certain perceptions in people for example, purple implies luxury whereas green implies environmentally friendly and so on. People naturally associate colours with certain brands too so a mural is a really clever way of matching your brand to others in your field if that’s your strategy.

Decorating an office or business space can take time if using traditional paint methods – we’ve all seen those areas cut off with wet paint tape so a mural would speed up this process and ensure business as usual continues.

Imagine how a stunning mural of a beach view would motivate your staff and help them be more productive! You don’t need a big budget either – wall murals are surprisingly affordable and simply an investment whether that’s for your office or making the children’s nursery more appealing.

*Discosure – this is a collaborative post