It goes without saying that parenting comes with a lot of investments—not just emotional, but also financial. From baby cribs to nappies, such expenses can really add up and become a bit of a shock to new parents. Moreover, The Guardian reports that parents may start paying higher fees for childcare due to issues with government funding. childcare has certainly been my highest baby expense so far, although in my opinion, worth every penny. On that note, it has never been more crucial to plan out finances wisely and ensure stability at home. The last thing you want is money worries when you’re already sleep-deprived.

But just like any budget, there are simply some things that cannot be scrimped on. Below, is my essentials list of what kind of items are worth splurging on, and may save you money (and additional headaches) in the future.

Items for Their Safety

Every parent knows that ensuring your child’s safety is of utmost importance. You can ease the fears of potential dangers by investing in products that will protect them wherever they are. When you’re out for a ride, a sturdy car seat is an essential piece. Unless you know the seller very closely as I did for my first baby seat,  you can’t afford to put your trust in a second-hand or low-quality car seat. The Joie i-Spin boasts a 360-degree rotation feature, which ensures comfort and customisation for you and your little one. That way, you can use it for multiple cars too which is really useful if you’re using grandparents for some childcare too.

Meanwhile, you should also be on the lookout for potential hazards indoors. According to the NHS, around 40,000 children under the age of 5 are admitted to the hospital due to accidents like falls, burns, and suffocation. Fortunately, you can protect your little one from being part of the statistic by splurging on top-of-the line home items. Mommyhood101 has compiled an in-depth list of baby cots that meet all the right safety guidelines, and you should apply the same care in choosing high chairs, baby carriers, and the like.

Items You’ll Need for The Years to Come

The tricky part about investing in baby products is that you know they’ll grow out of it after a while. Take prams, for instance, which are a necessary piece of equipment that all parents will need to invest in. However, they can be quite pricy, as you will very quickly need to switch from a pram – for babies 0-6months – to a pushchair – 6+ months and toddlers. To solve this problem, a pushchair guide by iCandy recommends you buy a pram that can be converted to a pushchair as the child gets older. This will save you money and allow you to budget for a more expensive model. It is recommended to buy a pram before the baby arrives so you have time to assemble and test it. Having the right pram allows both you and baby to freely and safely explore wherever life takes you.

Another item that you shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in is an electric breast pump. While manual breast pumps are a fraction of its price, it requires a lot of time and effort from your end. An electric breast pump can make all the difference for feeding time, thanks to its speed and efficiency. For instance, Medela’s double electric breast pump can help produce 18% more milk in half the time, compared to when you use a single pump. Always remember that the longer you’ll use an item, the higher the quality it needs to be.

Items for Your Self-Care

Parenting items aren’t just limited to things for your children, but they also extend to your own personal care products too. In our ‘Finding the Right Balance Between Being a Student and a Stay-At-Home Mum’ post, I talked about how important it is for mums to treat themselves, as it’s crucial in getting you in the right headspace.

After all, in order to be the best parent for your child, you should be cultivating the best version of yourself. As such, you have every right to consider self-care products as proper parenting tools, too. Whether it’s relaxing essentials oils or this ultra-comfy weighted blanket from Gravity, splurging on items that help promote your overall well-being can do a world of good for both you and your baby.