There are some people who are excellent at giving gifts; it’s like they get inside a person’s mind and they read what the specific person needs or wants in that period of time. And there are others who aren’t so great!

Since you’ve clicked on this article, I’m guessing that not only do you belong in the second category of types of people but also you need to find the perfect gift for a woman who has given birth recently. As the title suggests, you will find 5 of the best presents you can buy for and give a new mum, so you don’t have to think too much about it.

Present 1: Something for the Baby

Taking care of a baby is a challenging task as parents are responsible for making sure that this vulnerable and weak human survives. This is why a new mum will be more than glad if her guests bring her a gift that will make her task easier. A fluffy blanket, towels, clothes, toys, teddy bears or fairy tales for the baby are all practical gifts that she and her baby can use every day.

Present 2: Skincare Products

It is safe to assume that giving birth is an experience that takes a toll on a person’s body. If there’s things mums can do to help themselves. The Frezyderm products on can help with that as it has both skincare products that aim to achieve flawless and young skin and vitamins and pills for energy and well-functioning organs.

Present 3: Parenting Books

No-one is perfect which entails that no-one can be the perfect parent. A good parent is the one who tries as much as he or she can do and say the right thing. In order to help your loved one become a good mother, you can give her a book about parenting or child psychology. Reading such books will prepare her for situations and dilemmas she might encounter in the future and will help her understand what her child goes through at different developmental stages of its life.

Present 4: Scented Candles

As you’ve probably gathered by now, being a new mother is tough. This is why every single moment of quietness, rest and relaxation is precious. A gift that will facilitate those moments will become a reminder of how important it is not to let herself be exhausted at the end of each day. A scented candle can be a great gift for creating a peaceful and romantic atmosphere while the baby is asleep. Similar gifts that can help a new mum relax are a bath bomb, a CD or an adult coloring book.

Present 5: A Big Bag

Most women carry big purses as the pockets of their clothes cannot fit all of the things they might need, like work documents, makeup, phone charger, headphones and so on. Whenever they go out with their child, besides their own staff, they will need to take toys and other things that their baby may need. This is why a big bag would be a totally handy gift for a mother.